Leader of the Seekers of Truth


LG male ironforge dwarf expert 1/warrior 26


Ronorg enlisted in the Army of Ironforge in the year 622 King’s Calender. He sought to follow in the footsteps of his family, including his father, who perished defending Mount Hyjal from the forces of Archimonde, and his uncle, who was stationed at Dalaran when Arthas attacked the city, supposedly meeting his end by Frostmourne, the blade of Arthas himself. He was involved in skirmishes against the Troggs in Coldridge Valley before moving on to other battlefronts, as well as adventures apart from the main force of the army.

He and a party of other adventurers slew Edwin Van Cleef and stopped the threat of the Defias Brotherhood. Subsequently, that party ended a revolt in the Stormwind Stockade. Rumors he may have fought the mighty Hogger while in the region are unsubstantiated.

He subsequently went to Kalimdor, fighting the Horde in Ashenvale and also venturing into the Stonetalon Mountains, Desolace, Dustwallow Marsh and Feralas. During this time he struck up a friendship with Jaina Proudmoore and was exposed to her desire for peace between the Aliance and Horde. Indeed, his own father had fought alongside members of the Horde during the Third War. So this softened his views towards the Horde, though he still distrusted members of the Forsaken, due to their undead nature.

During this time he also briefly returned to the Eastern Kingdoms to participate in a daring raid on the irradiated city of Gnomeregan, with the daring goal of killing Sicco Thermaplugg himself. While it was later revealed that the Thermaplugg his party slew was only a decoy, the party delved deep into the city and slew many of the foul denizens of that place. Soon after, he returned to Ironforge full time and began to explore the Badlands, participating in several expeditions into Uldaman with the Explorer’s League. This was when his interest in archaeology took off.


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